Recently I have come to the realization that the duck and I are not the ideal duo to be starting a blog about our adventures exploring Tokyo and its many wonders when, in fact, here in Tokyo, our laziness has reached a new level. Staying in because it’s raining; because I have to work on that resume so that I can maybe find a job; because we have a Skype date in five hours; because there is this one movie on Netflix that we just have to watch right now; because I am too comfy to actually put something presentable on so that we can avoid starvation by going grocery shopping are good enough reasons for us to not leave the house. Sometimes we stand by the window and contemplate the true meaning of the framed spoons in The Room when a sudden craving for (hot) chocolate (to complement the atmosphere) reminds us that we should probably go out and buy some (semi-)healthy food, too.
Duck-9 But planning a trip to the local supermarket can ruin all those relaxing energies in an instant. That is usually when we remember that we can minimize our leaving-our-cozy-chamber-of-cheer-and-chocolate time by just grabbing a few things from one of the local Konbini (Japanese convenience stores, a.k.a. the real reason we moved to Tokyo). Here is a sincere love letter sonnet to convenience stores:

Dear Konbini,

I first laid eyes on you some time ago,
was looking for full meals and snacks to eat.
Then years went by, and little did I know
that you’d become our savior down the street.
Now we seek you when we want chocolate quick
or when we are about and need a lunch;
you offer so much stuff from which to pick,
like soap or socks, not only things to munch.
You let us pay our bills (which is bizarre)
or get free cash from the ATMachine;
we’ve only tried with 7Bank so far-
well, they say: “Never change a winning team.”
All those are reasons why we love you so,
‘just thought we’d write this poem to let you know.
That day you sold us grape juice readily,
we fell in love with you immediat’ly.


the duck and I.

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