Quake me up

I am a pretty deep sleeper. Usually, it takes a piercing fire alarm, a leaky roof right next to my bed in the middle of a rainstorm, or, if I am lucky, an alarm that I have conditioned myself to not blend out to wake me up from my slumber. Japan has provided me with a new reliable waking-up system: earthquakes. There was a night recently that had me wake up twice because of the slight shaking of, well, everything. The first time, I was not entirely sure whether my body had confused its sleepy dizziness with an actual shaking of the ground. The second time, around 6 a.m., made me question whether I was going insane – how could I possibly wake up so early in the morning without an alarm?! I did feel a bit seasick afterward and was actually relieved when a quick internet search revealed that there had indeed been two earthquakes around the times I had woken up – I am not entirely insane yet!
Now I have to find a way to control those earthquakes to my advantage as an unfailing alarm system… or at least be grateful to Japan and its tectonic setting for reminding me to take out the trash from time to time.slumber duck
The duck easily sleeps through earthquakes. Understandably. Have you ever heard of a seasick duck?

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