Back in August the duck and I went to the Harajuku Omotesando Genki Matsuri Super Yosakoi Festival that our friend had invited us to join her watch. On a stage at Yoyogi park (that the duck and I had actually witnessed being set up on our little walk two days earlier) we watched several (out of over a hundred) Yosakoi teams perform. We had never experienced anything like it before. Watching those talented dancers (learning that they had danced all day, even in the crazy afternoon sun!) was super exciting – we were impressed! I was glad that I had remembered to bring my camera. Because I loved the costumes, the dances and the energy, I thought that I’d share some snaps with you. This shows frozen moments from the performance of 燦-SUN-:

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While we were waiting for one of the dancers to meet us, her parents told us a bit about the history of Yosakoi. The dance was first performed in Kochi City (on the fairly southern Shikoku island) in the 1950s but gained widespread popularity in the 1990s at a festival in Sapporo City (up north in Hokkaido). And, did I mention that it’s just awesome to watch? How had we not been aware of this?!
The duck and I were even asked if we’d like to join her team by our newfound friend – but considering our general fitness level and overall lack of gracefulness we politely declined, even though it looks like so much fun!
The evening ended with great chats, exciting plans, new friends and a variety of tofu – an overall success (at not lazing around all day)!

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