Cute Matcha Latte ♥  #delicious #cutestuffforlife #Shinjukucafe #liquidheaven #TBT

There has never been a title more fitting on this blog than this one. At least that’s what I think (is that how hashtags are used? I have no idea). Since the duck and I don’t have an active Instagram account we decided that, today, we will turn our blog into our own little cute food pic sharing platform.

But what does it say

About three months ago we met our friend to check out a cute little cafe close to Shinjuku station. I believe its name was Coto Cafe. The duck and I ordered a matcha latte with brown sugar syrup. In our excitement for a hot matcha drink we could not even anticipate the cuteness in which it was going to be presented to us. That sure was a happy first cafe experience as new Tokyo locals ♥
Do recommend. 5/5 ducks for surprise cuteness ♪

We hope you enjoyed our little alternative format adventure. It was fun doing something slightly different for a change. I think we did the duck’s afternoon tea friend proud.

Tea you next time 🙂

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