Snacks: Double Chocolate?! Count us in!

While autumn means sweet potato and chestnut flavors, Christmas, at least for the duck and me, means chocolate! Winter is the perfect season for chocolate because in the cold temperatures there is no risk of accidental liquefaction; Choco Choco Duckinstead, it’s more acceptable to enjoy the purposefully liquid variety, called ‘hot chocolate‘, that warms you up on top of being chocolate in drinkable form (perfect if accompanied by a chocolate chip cookie… or ten).
Seeing some new limited edition winter(?) snacks could make us forget the impending end of our favorite season at least a bit. Also, they made us excited for our favorite holiday. Yay! So, today we’ll give you a review of the first chocolaty winter treat we could not help but try:

Meiji Fran Double Chocolat

First of all, neither the duck nor I are completely sure where the ‘double’ comes from Chocolaty setupwhen, clearly, those chocolate sticks present chocolate in threefold goodness: ① a cocoa-biscuit base covered with ② a light fluffy chocolate whip kinda thing covered with ③ smooth chocolate, if you believe the Google-translated version of what’s written on the box.

But how do they taste?
Pretty chocolaty for sure!
They have a deep chocolate taste and, being the chocophiles that we are, we do not mind at all. However, newbies might want to stay away because it takes years of training to handle such an extreme chocolate flavor. The sticks remind of a delicious and moist chocolate cake but with more of a cookie texture, combining the best of two worlds (if you are a cookie hater we’re sorry… about what you’re missing out on).

Double chocolate ratingCaution: You need to have an immense chocolate craving to enjoy this treat to its fullest, but if you do, it is completely satisfying. So, 5 out of 5 ducks…

Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet – these chocolate sticks are so chocolaty that after a pack (there are three packs of three in a box) you’re usually good on chocolate and might actually really save the other packs for some other time of intensive chocolate cravings, i.e. the next day, if you can stay strong!

That’s it from us for today.

May your holidays be as deeply satisfying as the chocolate taste of Fran Double Chocolat!

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