Late spring

I’m not talking about the famous 1949 Ozu film here, but rather about this year’s sakura (cherry blossoms) that decided to bloom much earlier than expected. Because of that, when the duck and I made a little trip to Inokashira park, one of the most popular parks in Western Tokyo, yesterday to check out what hanami (more on that in the next post) looks like in real life, we did get to see lots of people, but most of the cherry blossoms were already way past their peak. Nonetheless, I did take a few photos, that I thought I’d share with you, to show that we haven’t forgotten about this blog even though the duck and I are rather busy these days. But since a blog about living in Tokyo is not complete without at least one visual post about sakura, we now present to you part one of a rather random selection of post-sakura-peak-season-photos from Inokashira park:

Inokashira park 1

Even though they were hard to find, we did see some sakura in full bloom.

Inokashira park 2

One of these things is not like the others: the lake was filled with paddle-boat enthusiasts!

Inokashira park 3

Cherry blossoms in the water reminded of what the park must have looked like during the peak!

Inokashira park 4

Fortunately, spring is not all about cherry blossoms!

Inokashira park 5

Even the little bridge that had been closed off before was re-opened, just in time…

Inokashira park 6

… for the cherry blossoms that once were.

We hope these photos satisfied at least some of your visual cherry blossom cravings.
See you next time, in part two of this series, where we present a paragraph or two on hanami. Soon the lack of cherry blossoms will likely make us feel like it’s even later in spring (which also happens to be the title of the lesser-known 1978 sequel to Late Spring).

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