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Okay. So, this post is not about spring (say what?), but it is related to that wonderful place that is also home to our new favorite cherry-blossom blog subject (Inokashira park):
About a month ago, while wandering through Kichijoji (), the duck and I were suddenly overcome by an immense craving for taiyaki, so this is what today’s throwback food post is about.


A few weeks ago, somewhere around Kichijoji’s Sunroad shopping arcade, the duck and I got ourselves a fresh bean-filled fish waffle (that’s how we see this wonderful Japanese street delicacy anyway). There were several fillings to choose from, so, because we did miss autumn in those rather cold winter days, we went for a sweet potato and red bean filling: a rather filling choice. In fact, we did have trouble finishing this starchy carb-filled mega snack – but it was the best kind of trouble we could have asked for! 5/5 Ducks because Japan just does awesome street food! ♥ ♡ ♥

Bonus tip: The Japanese are a rather cautious people. Because of that it’s very uncommon to see anyone eat and walk. That’s why the duck and I had this wonderful warm snack sitting down inside as to not, once again, be seen as those foreigners.
Also, we were freezing outside.

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