Snacks: All the Matcha we could Alfort

Guess what- it’s still spring, or, as we call it, matcha flavor season! And since there are still so many spring flavored snacks to be found in the grocery stores (though fruity summer flavors are slowly taking over the shelves), Alfort duckthe duck and I just had to try two more green tea-y varieties – this time in the shape of those nice chocolaty Alfort biscuits!
At first, the bigger variety with a light biscuit and bright green chocolate caught our eye. Then, just a short while later, we discovered the darker mini matcha variety and we knew that we needed to try those as well – it was love at first sight after all!
In our first spring cookie test, the duck and I fell in love with the chewy matcha flavored cookies by the same manufacturer (I guess that makes us polyamorous). So, this time, our expectations were rather high, especially because we love the regular individually wrapped milk chocolate Alfort biscuits and the small snack-size dark ones! Anyway, I’m rambling too much. Let’s try to keep this super professional snack review rather concise for real this time:

Matcha gonna do with all those biscuits?

Why, eat them, of course – and we’ll let you be part of this matchadventure! Because we found them first, I’ll start off with the bigger matcha biscuits.

Same as the standard milk chocolate Alfort biscuits this one features a light cookie base and a lighter color matcha chocolate that reminds a bit of the chocolate that covered the pretzel sticks that we tried way back. And, as expected, the chocolate is on the sweeter side. However, if my taste buds remember this correctly, compared to the pretzels, this matchocolate is not as sweet and has a fuller and even slightly bitter flavor (score!). In fact, I wouldn’t mind eating it as a chocolate bar without the biscuit. Combined with the sweetness of the biscuit base, however, the whole cookie is a bit too sweet for the duck and my tastes…
Once I got used to the sweetness, though, I actually liked those sweet matchangers of spring a lot (and shamefully ate the whole pack within a few days – the duck did help me, though. I promise!). 4/5 Ducks!
Alfort rating1

Let’s go over to the little baby biscuits. First of all, apart from the size, they also distinguish themselves from the bigger ones in color: The dark biscuit is covered with a dark green chocolate that features a satisfying deep, bitter-sweet matcha flavor. The cookies themselves also have a certain bitterness that compliments the chocolate part pretty well. The size of the biscuits makes them a perfect snack on the go, though I would have loved a bigger version of them. Similar to the chocolates the duck and I tested a few weeks back, I would attribute a more sophisticated flavor to the small biscuits in contrast to the more playful, fresher taste of the bigger variety. Because the duck and I are big kids, we do prefer the tiny biscuits and award them 5/5 Ducks with tiny little hearts in their eyes!
Alfort rating2

This, my friends, was our last spring-flavor snack review for this year (I think). I hope you liked our (actually rather short) subjective review and am looking forward to seeing you next time!

Matcha wanna read about next?

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