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As you might remember, a bit over a month ago, the duck and I went north to catch the cherry blossoms in Akita. During our happy strolls around Kakunodate, literally chasing cherry blossoms, we could also score a snap of our awesome lunch (we’re adults – at least on paper – so we can eat whatever we want for lunch, hahahahahaha!):

During our cherry blossom chase (✿) in Kakunodate back in April we decided to go for a sweet lunch to recharge – and what is better than lots of sugar in a traditional ambience? Well, we couldn’t think of anything and that’s why we went to this wonderful traditional shop that advertised oshiruko in big azuki-colored letters with a cute illustration of the dessert on a sakura-pink banner. Since we like to try all kinds of traditional Japanese desserts, the duck and I were pretty excited to taste this bean porridge with little mochi boats that, fittingly, was served with a cute sakura drink and pickled vegetables to counteract the sweetness of the azuki beans. It looked too pretty to eat and turned out to be extremely sweet but a perfect pink energy booster for our sakura samurai town exploration tour. 4/5 Ducks because even though we were afraid of collapsing from a sugary overdose, we could have spent hours looking at this dessert and the beautiful garden outside (also, it’s not the shiruko‘s fault that we’re so weak) 〜

Maybe, if the duck and I ever defeat our laziness, we might share with you our Akita adventure in video form. Maybe.

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