✧Ricotta Pancakes✧ #frothinforpancakes #rainybreakfast #fluffyricottamountain #TBT

Ricotta pancake

About three months ago, on our rainy Kamakura adventure, we decided to go for a nice set of pancakes before embarking on a journey of admiring flowers, studying secret wishes and getting soaked completely. Our favorite travel buddy recommended trying the extremely fluffy ricotta pancakes with maple syrup and honeycomb butter at Bill’s- and so we did! Since our pancakes were prepared fresh after we had ordered them we spent the wait time watching super enthusiastic surfers tackling beautiful gray waves under a rainy gray sky through the restaurant’s panorama windows, almost exactly what you’d expect to see outside an Australian restaurant. As soon as the pancakes arrived we snapped a quick pic and then devoured this sunny very late breakfast treat! Even though the duck and I are not huge fans of pancakes, I can’t come up with anything that would have made our meal any better. 5/5 (surfing) Ducks!  〜✧〜✧〜

This concludes the reporting from that little rainy Kamakura adventure of ours. I hope you enjoyed it (though you’ll never enjoy it as much as we did those pancakes, hahahahaha!).

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