A new friend

Friends are awesome, especially when you are moving somewhere new. That, for example, was one of the main reasons for the duck and me to move to Tokyo when we were planning our Japan adventure. Fortunately, we did also know a few people in Berlin before we moved here. And we ended up meeting a few lovely new ones, too. One of them was actually introduced to us by our friend Sb whom we went on our Disney Sea adventure with – meet Cutie-pie who came to us all the way from Denmark!

Cutie-pie duck

Other than in Tokyo where we knew that we would move out after a few months, we don’t have a set time limit (as of yet) for our glamorous lives in Berlin, so the duck and I have decided that we might as well actually try to spend some time and effort (and money, if we can get over our habits as penny-pinching personality peers) to actually make our bedroom a bit prettier. Well, we will still keep it relatively minimal because, as we’re almost running out of fingers to count how many times we have moved, there is one thing that we have learned in the past few years: moving is a pain in the feathery bottom.
However, we will definitely count this little fella as #1 in our bedroom beautification bproject (and in our hearts). But first we have to free him from his paper prison:

Life of Cutie-pie 1

Isn’t he lovely? But something seems to be missing. We’ll look at the instructions and get back to you later, okay?

Cutie-pie bye!

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