A while ago, when it was still sunny on a fairly regular basis, the duck and I had the glorious idea to combine one of our beloved afternoon-grocery shops with a quick photo session of the neighborhood. So, we took our jute shopping bags, grabbed our trusty camera friend and got excited to go on yet another adventure- until we stepped outside. Right then and there were we reminded of our love/hate relationship with spring – the season with the prettiest flowers and the ugliest allergies! We had a vivid flashback of the day we climbed Mt. Takao in spring where we were forced to decide between putting on a flu mask to protect ourselves from the evil pollen and taking it off to actually be able to breathe on this exhausting climb. The duck and I are lucky enough to have confirmed allergies to three different kinds of trees that blossom more or less consecutively. That means three full months of allergy madness (let’s not get into the surprise allergies here)!

allergy duck

This year, after having confirmed that, in fact, the pollen were even more aggressive than the ones we had met in Japan, the duck and I decided to invest in an allergy survival kit, consisting of a 100-pack of allergy tablets to prepare our bodies for the impending pollen attacks, enough coffee to combat the extra-sleepiness resulting from the pills, a pretty little bottle of allergy eye drops for a more precise treatment of some of the symptoms (we do miss the ones we had gotten in Japan, though – they had actual cooling powers!), tissues, obviously, and, more as a fond memory than an actual aid, some flu masks that, of course, we would never go outside with – not outside Japan! However, despite our survival kit, we are suffering (very dramatically) every. single. day. It’s a good thing we have those photos to remind us of how pretty spring is in our neighborhood (because there’s no way we’re going outside to see it live if we don’t have to):

So much green, so much sneeze!

To be honest, we were quite surprised by all the nice motives we spotted on our short walk to the grocery store. We even encountered our sworn enemy, a birch tree, not far from our house. That explained a lot. Anyway, that’s enough rambling for now – here are some photos!

Fortunately, for ourselves and for all of Berlin, the duck and I are happy pedestrians. Just imagine our sleepy butts on the roads of this busy metropolis (for those who have driven in Berlin before, this image must be especially horrifying – not to mention those who know us personally)!

Because the duck and I had come to the conclusion that it’s best to stay inside, we also had some time to attend to Cutie-pie! We read the super complicated instructions that consisted exclusively of images, soaked the little mystery ball that we found in Cutie-pie’s little flower pot in our new Ikea cup, gave him some extra water to sip on throughout the day…

… and now we wait. While, we sip on a nice and refreshing cup of tea, watching the world as it is slowly being conquered by the evil pollen – through our bedroom window.

Do you have any pollen allergies? Do you think that it’s weird that the duck and I share exactly the same ones? Do let us know!

See you la- chooooo!

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