Interlude: Matcha surprise!

It’s been a while…
The duck and I have been busy doing something for a change. Actually working hard (for our standards) in the past few weeks made us remember a fun little incident a few weeks back: It all had to do with a pretty box our lovely friend M. had given us before we left Japan. She probably explained to us what was inside, but the duck and I, being the matcha maniacs that we are, only heard this one word – matcha – compared it to the hiragana on the box, because our kanji skills are still far from actually useful, and zoned out. ‘Cool, that’s perfect for our regular matcha latte cravings!’, we thought. ‘We could even try to recreate some of those matcha cookies we so loved!’.
So, when the day of unbearable matcha cravings had finally arrived, we took the pretty little box that, up to that point, had served as beautiful bookshelf decoration, opened it, and were amazingly surprised:

matcha duck1

matcha duck2

matcha duck3

matcha duck4

What did you think was inside that pretty box upon first seeing it? Were you also fooled, like the duck and I were, or do you have better kanji-reading or packaging-analyzing skills than we do? Let us know and maybe we’ll believe you.


Of course, there’s also an update on Cutie-pie!
Look! The first grass is showing 😀Cutie-pie 4

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