Day 7: Berlin Christmas market impressions

The duck and I currently live in Berlin. So, of course, we had to visit a Christmas market. Because there are dozens of Christmas markets to explore in Berlin and its surrounding areas, the duck and I had to choose where we wanted to go (first). We did not want to pay an entrance fee, and, ideally, wanted to see more than one Christmas market during our first Christmas market excursion this year. This is why we chose to take a train to Alexanderplatz and have a look around the Alexanderplatz Christmas market with its main attraction: the biggest Christmas pyramid in Europe – and a pretty carousel. It also sports all the basic Christmas market stalls (for food, drinks, decoration, etc.) and some other attractions, like a skating rink. This was all the duck and I needed to get us in a festive mood (the cold definitely added to that).

We walked around the stalls, checked out some Christmas decorations and gift ideas and took in all the Christmas market sensations.
Then we walked some more until, just a few minutes later, we reached the Weihnachtsmarkt am Roten Rathaus, the Christmas market at the Red City Hall. At first we did not know where exactly to go but then the big Ferris wheel led us straight to one of the entrances. If you trust the internet, this Ferris wheel spends early autumns in Munich, as part of the Oktoberfest. We prefer it surrounded by lots of beautiful  Christmas market stalls, though, some of which are part of a medieval section, and all those warm and pretty lights and festive music.

The duck and I had a great time exploring Christmas markets with my camera! There were so many kind people around (like the gentleman who let us photograph his Glühwein without hesitation), and we would have stayed much longer, if it weren’t for the cold that was slowly taking the feeling out of my hands so that I had to stop taking photos.
Even though we have only visited two Christmas markets so far, this will not be our last Christmas market related post.
Do you have any favorite Christmas markets to go to?

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