Day 9: A haiku

When the duck and I went to the Christmas market to take photos the other day we had a great time! But with my frozen hands wrapped around the camera, holding on for dear life, and the duck’s regular aversion to the cold, despite all the pretty sights, we found ourselves drifting off, escaping into a warm and cozy daydream… of being at home, you know, the home we know from Christmas cards, with a warm fire crackling underneath an excessively decorated mantle, Christmas lights adorning each window, beautifully wrapped presents scattered all over the wooden floor…christmas haikuIsn’t that a lovely image? We thought that juxtaposing it with a photo we took during our coooooold Christmas market excursion would give our haiku a stronger effect.

What do you think (of our most recent piece of fauxetry)? What does your perfect daydream location look like? Did you ever take a nap underneath an ornately decorated Christmas tree?

Now, please excuse us as we put on our top hat and overcoat and float out into the snow-covered fir tree forest to continue our search for the famously fabled and supposably satisfyingly sweet giant ginger gam!


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