*Ovenless kitchen diaries* #day12 #nobakechristmasbaking #pretzellove #TBT

Chocolate drizzled pretzels
Pretty much two years ago today the duck and I were getting ready to attend a Christmas party. We wanted to bring some homemade snacks because we’re cool like that. Since we did not have an oven in our Japanese kitchen we had to resort to some other kind of Christmas ‘baking’: We located a foreign food store, grabbed a few bags of our favorite food and some bars of our other favorite food… and began drizzling. We drizzled all night long, one tiny pretzel at a time, listening to one podcast after the other.
Drizzling pretzels with dark chocolate turned out to be a perfect substitute for actual Christmas baking because it gave us the same back ache that we always have after a full day of cranking out Christmas cookies (and eating nothing but an oatmeal breakfast and cookie dough – for quality control! – all day)! Would do again. 5/5 hunched ducks! 😀

Did you ever do any Christmas non-baking? What do you like to bring to Christmas parties?

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