Day 13: Our favorite German Christmas cookies

The duck and I love baking Christmas cookies! Even more so we love eating them. In an attempt to deal with our cookie cravings without ending up in a food coma we came up with a list of 10 homemade German Christmas cookie varieties we would like to eat right now (but instead just drew so that we can look at them and imagine eating them all). Here it is:

Christmas cookies

  1. Vanillekipferl, vanilla crests(?) – a true German Christmas classic.
  2. Engelsaugen, angel eyes – despite the somewhat morbid name we would even attempt to run a marathon if it meant we could eat a whole tin of those pretty jam-topped butter cookies.
  3. Butterplätzchen, butter cookies – we love the ones with a simple egg glaze (no sprinkles, please) that almost melt in your mouth – bonus points for duck shapes!
  4. Spritzgebäck, spritz cookies – the ones dipped in dark chocolate are divine! We wouldn’t mind a plain one, either.
  5. Schwarz Weiß Gebäck, black and white cookies – they’re the perfect combination of a vanilla and a chocolate cookie – in one bite!
  6. Zimtsterne, cinnamon stars – yes, please! There can never be too much cinnamon on Christmas… and the rest of the year!
  7. Mürbeteigplätzchen, shortcrust cookies – if they sport some nice lemon icing we’re in!
  8. Walnussplätzchen, walnut cookies – we add walnuts to our oatmeal every morning… we wouldn’t mind adding a walnut cookie instead.
  9. Kokosmakronen, coconut mounts – even though we’re mostly team coconot, the duck and I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to this Christmas classic.
  10. Lebkuchenkekse, German gingerbread cookies – they’re like a crunchy version of German gingerbread, but without the commitment!

What are your favorite Christmas cookies?

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