Day 17: Secret Santa sorrow

The duck and I find it insanely hard to come up with good Christmas gift ideas. That’s why we prefer spending a few hours on making personal Christmas cards rather than buying something the giftee might not like. Secret Santa isn’t too bad, though. At least we get to focus on one person whom we’ll attempt to get a suitable gift for, rather than ten. Last year our Secret Santa got us the perfect gift that we didn’t even know was missing in our lives up to that point. The person we had gotten a gift for was not that lucky, unfortunately. When we drew their name we thought for weeks about what the perfect gift for them might look like, but none of our ideas seemed to be good enough. So we decided to go with a bunch of little gifts instead. In our head they looked decent. But then, when it came to assembling and making them, we realized that the end result was horrendous! While I am a decent drawer, the same can’t be said about my crafting skills; after years of folding paper cranes when I’m bored, secret santa duckI still can’t seem to manage to align the edges of the paper just right, so that my cranes only look nice from a distance.
Our Secret Santa gift last year was worse – it didn’t look good no matter how far away you stood.
But, because the duck and I are master procrastinators, we didn’t have enough time to come up with something new so that we ended up gifting a gift that looked as if it was devised and executed by a preschooler. I think this year we might have to get a bonus gift for that person and slip it in their purse when they’re not looking…

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