Day 21: Christmas market daydreams

The duck tends to daydream a lot. And I get it. Even though you’re at home or at school or at work at your desk you can explore exciting places without having to deal with the cold outside. The duck’s favorite spot to daydream these days is the little Christmas arrangement by the kitchen table (it’s festive, it’s close to the oven, it’s warm, it’s a bit prickly, but it smells amazing).


Usually, the duck dreams of cookies, cyclists, Osakan food, or of living life as a bird. Recently, however, the duck’s daydreams seem to be dominated by the sensations of strolling around the Christmas market:

The duck dreams

The duck dreams of seeing
cute wooden cabins, with lights that invite you to stay and inspect
cozy displays of everything festive, like Lebkuchenherzen¹ and wreaths and bright stars.
Arrangements of snow globes and tea candle holders are there to remind you ’tis the season to give.

The duck dreams of touching
coarse paint on fine glass, delicate ornaments to dress up your tree
near wooden creations, intricate, warm, that tell of traditions from times long ago.
Hold on to a pole that’s spiraling smoothly and crisp winds are forgot over a warm, happy heart.

Audible Christmas market
The duck dreams of hearing
bright laughter and cheer by fellow horsemen and carousel spinners.
Sleigh bells and horns and glockenspiel melodies escape from the stalls and travel about
along with keen chatter: stories of Christmas and plans for the month o’er hot chocolate and festive punch.

The duck dreams of tasting
a serving of chestnuts fresh out of the pot, pumpkin seed pretzels,
toasted baguettes, warm crepes filled with applesauce, cinnamon, sugar or hazelnut spread.
The few vitamins held in chocolate-dipped strawberries and Stollen with raisins allow to indulge.

The duck dreams of smelling
the scents in the air: flickering candles and Christmas tree branches,
spices like ginger and cloves and anise and cinnamon beckon you over to try
from mounts of Lebkuchen, roasted almonds galore; the scent of heated Glühwein infuses the air.

Christmas market meandering
The duck dreams of seeing
warm lights, happy people… of peaceful strolling, at least for a wile.
When cold air has fully permeated warm feathers, despite the nearby cup of hot tea,
it is time that the duck returns to the present to pick up a blanket and cover up some more.

• • •

This is why, these days, I don’t even make fun of the duck for being somewhere else anymore. For now.

1: German gingerbread hearts