2020 Resolutions

It’s 2020! Wow! I hope that you got to celebrate the start of a new decade adequately. The duck and I did, with Netflix and some fried tofu we made (that tasted surprisingly decent for once). These first few days of January are usually the time everyone writes down their New Year’s resolutions. To be honest, I’m not a fan of those. That probably has to do with my being overly ambitions when I was younger and didn’t know the duck yet: learn the piano, master Russian, become an Olympic fencer, read 10 books, eliminate world hunger. At that time that seemed totally feasible. A few months in, however, I had to realize that there’s no way I can master a language that I barely speak and that in order to learn an instrument or become a top (or even decent) athlete, I would have to practice pretty much day and night. I was lazy back then, like the duck and I are now. That is why, instead of coming up with an extensive list of ridiculous New Year’s resolutions, the duck and I decided that:
1: We will NOT get a gym membership (very doable)
2: We will keep being stingy (it’s fun, you guys!)
3: We will read 10 books (at least. This is the one realistic resolution we had in the past)
4: We will be true to ourselves. This is the resolution we already started to implement last month when we changed the tagline of this blog from ‘Adventures of the traveling duck’ to ‘Adventures of the lazy duck’. We just had to put an end to this false advertising.

Lazy duck

The duck and I are positive that, this year, we will be able to stick to our resolutions! Since being lazy also means that we shouldn’t write so much so early in the year (and also not in the first week of the year, never in the first week!), the duck and I have decided to continue this post some other time.

We wish you all a great and healthy new year!

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