Forming habits

The duck and I had to sleep a bit before we continued our thoughts from last week. But now that we’re somewhat awake (being fully awake is never a state the duck and I find ourselves in, no matter how long we sleep), it’s time to think about New Year’s resolutions some more. See, we actually do believe in the saying that 30 days of doing something forms a habit. That has proven true for us in a few instances. Nowhere do they tell you, though, that it takes just a few hours to break a new habit completely. I don’t even know how many times the duck and I have told ourselves that we should eat healthier (meaning: not snacking on pretzels and chocolate all the time) and exercise a bit more. We have gotten close to meeting this 30 day threshold quite a few times (well, we actually don’t believe that it takes 30 days per se. For us something along the lines of ‘a while’ works). But then a stressful moment came and we just had to buy this bag of pretzels and 15 chocolate bars to go with it. And, weirdly, whenever we get rather serious about exercise we get pretty sick (the last time the duck and I went to the gym on a regular basis for about two weeks I ended up having a 2 months-long cold). This is why our resolutions for this year are so *ahem* easy.

Duolingo Duck

However, there is one (rather useless) habit the duck and I have kept up for far more than 30 days: studying a language every day (we are rather proud of our 1338 day streak on Duolingo that we started on one of those days we were home sick after going to the gym). This is what brought you such gems as: My dog sells hats. I’ll include the video (again) at the end of this post, just because our dog’s story is so inspirational that it needs to be shared, especially in the beginning of the year:

A very specific kind of laziness

See, when I mention time and time again just how lazy the duck and I are, I mostly speak of a physical laziness. We don’t really like going out all that much. This is why all our exercise consists of extensive grocery shopping trips and the occasional workout at home (I seriously doubt that you can call what we do an actual workout most of the time). I think that even if we manage to become fitter, deep inside, the duck and I will always be lazy. One thing that is a worthy opponent to our laziness, however, is our stubbornness. To this we can probably attribute our Duolingo streak and how we sometimes spend weeks on making simple animations that hardly anyone ever gets to see:

This is also how I kept up the duck and my plan to write a post a day leading up to Christmas last December, despite our tiny audience (to those who did read some of our posts – thank you so much! That really helped us through those numerous days of regretting our silly plan) and that annoying cold that pretty much knocked us out the second half of December. Hooray for stupid stubbornness! Still, looking back at that, we might be able to start 2020 with a single somewhat challenging resolution: keep up the posting. I can’t promise that I’ll update this blog on a regular basis because, well, laziness and stuff (I don’t want to spend a whole year writing about tea and surprise candy). At least I can promise that whenever the duck and I travel (=leave the house) this year we will do so with our eyes open and our brains susceptible to the weirdest thoughts and observations. And you, my friends, will be happy to live through them only vicariously, because, man, sometimes I’m not even sure what goes on in this brain of mine (not to mention that of the duck).

That’s all for today. See you next time (maybe).

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