Oat Milk Matcha Latte ♥ #matchalove #mymilkisoatmilk #veganoptions #berlincafesarethebest #TBT

Oaty matchaLast year, when friends were visiting Berlin, the duck and I suggested meeting at this cafe that we’d been meaning to check out for weeks which is known for its #famous smoothie shakes and hipster sandwiches. We entered Two Planets planning on getting a #David Hasslehoff because peanut butter ♥ but, unfortunately, they were out. So we accepted our fate and got a Matcha Latte, as we always do whenever we see it on the menu. This one we could order with oat milk, though, which is our favorite milk by far (I know it’s technically not milk, but for us it is). Best. Decision. Ever. We had a great time catching up, making new friends and recording a short video for our old friend M (whom the duck and I had profound conversations in Japanese and burgers with back when we lived in Tokyo) who knows the three of us and had no idea we were meeting up. Great times, great drink. 6/5 oat and matcha ducks ♪

Earlier this week the lovely Joy from Rabbithole Comics nominated us for a Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you, Joy! The duck and I feel so honored!
As per our New Year’s Resolutions the duck and I are still super lazy and slow, so it will take us a while to think up our own questions and nominations (hopefully we will eventually). However, we decided that, for now, we could at least answer her questions in a little added bonus section of this (normally rather short) post (format):

Joy’s questions

How did you discover blogging and why did you decide to start your own blog?
Actually, the duck always felt that a proper account of all of the duck’s adventures was in order. When we moved to Tokyo I thought that writing about our lives in Japan might force me to go out more and the blog became somewhat of a diary of our adventures in Tokyo, and later our non-adventures in Berlin.

In terms of blogging, do you think audiences look for quality or quantity more, and which is more important to you?
We’re lazy, so quantity wouldn’t even work for us, though I guess that it tends to attract a bigger audience. Nonetheless I think that quality is what makes someone return to a blog. Quality is definitely more important to us.

What is the hardest part of creating content for you?
The hardest part probably is the duck and my laziness. Sometimes. At other times I feel like I spend far too much time on creating content for this blog (last December was crazy – back then I so regretted my decision to add a video to the mix of photos, doodles and writing that made up our Advent calendar. Now I think it’s funny).

What are your tricks for curing Writer’s Block?
I drink a cup of tea. And if I still don’t feel like writing, I just don’t. Laziness.

What is your creative process?  Do you tend to space work out, or do you like to complete entire projects in one sitting?
It might not look like it, but the duck and I are major planners and we love structuring things. We definitely space work out most of the time. I usually spend way too much time on editing – except for videos. Those usually take me so long to make, anyway, so that, at some point, I just give up and post whatever we have.

How do you deal with being discouraged or unmotivated?  What about stress?
I think I just wait for motivation to return. Actually, I’ve never consciously thought about that.

What is your ultimate dream vacation?
Does a trip around the world count? That’s what we would do if we were super rich!

What is your ultimate dream pet?
I’m obsessed with my cat friend at the moment. The duck would probably be thrilled about a pet cookie if something like that existed (though I guess it wouldn’t last very long).

If you had to spend one week in an empty room, what three items would you bring with you (besides basic necessities like food and water) and why?
I would bring an E-Reader for entertainment [we do have that ridiculous new year’s resolution of reading a total of 10 (yes, just one zero) books], though I would probably end up watching movies on Netflix for most of the time. I would also bring a notebook and a pencil for doodling and jotting down ideas. The duck would probably bring a mug, tea bags and an electric kettle (and I’d ask to share).

Which new activity or hobby would you try if you had the time?
Both the duck and I have always wanted to be able to play the piano. So we would try to learn that, though a day would need to have at least ten more hours if we wanted to become somewhat decent piano players.

Do you have any future big plans or changes in store for your blog?
Not really. We might move again at some point which would mean at least some sort of change, if laziness hasn’t totally overcome us by then.

That’s part one. We’ll try to do part two some other time. Apologies for not following the proper rules. I guess we’re lazy rebels after all.

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