A steady chocolate float ride…

This is the second time I repeat the terribly cheesy sentence that I used way back to describe my experience trying sakura flavored matcha KitKat for the first time. See, others would be ashamed of their corny attempts at fauxetry in describing the simple act of biting a chunk off a chocolate bar. Not us! The duck and I own up to all the weirdness we produce. In fact, we own up to it so much that we decided to adorn one of our leftover candle holders with exactly that: ‘a steady chocolate float ride through a peaceful matcha stream in the middle of (the week-long) cherry blossom season’, in a new installation of our bedroom beautification broject. spring candle duckThe duck couldn’t wait for our art project to start. And, to be honest, I couldn’t, either. Being stuck inside and not being able to observe the change of seasons the way we excitedly did in Japan, the duck and I are trying to do what we can to remind ourselves of what the outside world is like (literally! As you can see by the chosen candle holder decoration theme):

… through a peaceful matcha stream

This project is so simple, that I don’t even need to add instructions. I’ll still tell you what we did, though (in a totally uninstructiony way): Before we attacked the glass, we decided to find a few colors that would represent the peaceful scene beautifully. Then I did a pencil draft on paper to figure out the placement and aesthetics (hahaha, right).

matcha candle 1Using the predetermined colors we copied the sketch onto the glass – upside down at first, because we’re stupid. Copying the draft was easier than we had expected and made us regret not having planned out our candle holder drawing last December. Well, at least we can now say that we learned something last week. Wow! We’re being creative and we’re learning something. That’s what I call time productively spent.

matcha candle 2Because we went with a rather minimalist approach, we had plenty of space left to fill… partly with floating cherry blossoms. For the space with the erased upside down chocolate raft, however, we found a special use: Giving credit where credit is due (= not blaming for our odd musings; just naming as inspiration).Blog shots-308With this spring themed candle holder and the chocolate bunny we bought at the local grocery store for 50% off (because that’s how we usually buy our Easter candy if we don’t plan on reviewing it), I think the duck and I will be able to last another week or so stuck in our room. (Well, the bunny won’t last long, but the candle holder might.)matcha candle 4How are you spending your time these days?


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