Corny Cat Corner

This year is crazy! And things are pretty weird for the duck and me on top of that these days. All this makes us miss having our very special friend around even more than usual. Well, we can still watch her through the window. But that’s not the same as having her lounge around in our bedroom, judging our every move, as she used to. So, the duck and I decided to build a little shrine so that we don’t even have to walk to the window anymore if we want to see a friendly feline face! Unlike the glorious image we had painted in our minds, it turned out very meager. But that’s okay. It still supports us in our quest for limitless laziness, so we’re happy!

Cats the picture
This might be our last bedroom beautification broject in a while which is why we decided to be extra specific in our instructions on how to beautifully display your own accumulation of cat stuff (of course you can go with any other theme you like, but, trust me, this works best if you have immense admiration for the subject of your ‘art’ project):

Our cat friend

Sadly, the duck and I didn’t have a lot of suitable items to begin with, so we had to get somewhat creative in keeping up with the theme of today’s bedroom beautification broject. Hence, instead of making this all about our very special friend exclusively, we decided to go with cats in general. Without further ado, this is how you can recreate our little project in 7 easy steps:

Step 1: Collect cat stuff.
The duck and I like cats. We like most animals, but cats are just an especially cute sock theme that we find particularly hard to resist. We also have cat patterned pants that I forgot to put in the photo. I’m too lazy to retake it, so… you’ll just have to believe me here.

Step 2: Be given cat stuff.
Some of our friends know that we’ve taken a liking to our special friend, some know that we like cats in general, and others just give us cat stuff coincidentally because they like cats themselves and never heard us mention that we don’t. Either way, we’ve been gifted a few cat items since we moved to Berlin, so it wasn’t too hard to find at least a few more items to add.

cat items

Step 3: Take cat photos.
We like taking photos. We love taking photos of cats, as you might have already figured out if you read our post on neighborhood cats. So, finding a few cat photos wasn’t hard. We could have used more, but since the objective of this little project was aiding our laziness, we did not want to spend any of our precious energy to look for them.

Step 4: Bake cat cookies.
This one you might remember from our Christmas baking post. We baked many cat cookies, but none of them recreated the sadness and betrayal that our special friend probably felt when she watched us bake from outside the window as well as the one in the photo does.

cat photos

Step 5: Draw cat pictures.
The duck and I had two empty picture frames standing around and were eager to finally fill them. Instead of using any of our photos, I decided to copy some of the duck and my favorite pictures that we have of our special cat friend onto structured paper to give the whole thing more of an artsy look (after those two nights I had learned that I still have a lot of practicing to do if I actually want to capture a friend’s likeness rather than just paint a general picture – but, hey, this can also be part of our journey as life-long learners)!cat drawings

Step 6: Fold cat origami.
Those we actually did as part of a birthday present. But since we had them lying around, we decided to add our somewhat successful attempts at folding cat origami. In fact, out of five attempts, only three did not end up in the trash…

cat origami

The pieces of paper in the bottom right corner never attained their intended cat form…

Step 7: Add candles!
They’re not cat-related (at least the ones we used aren’t), but candles give everything a nice flare! (I’ll just leave this in.)


That’s it! I am pretty sure that nobody will ever be able to build a corny cat corner without our detailed instructions! Ha!
All joking aside, building this was really fun and that’s all that counts, right?

Do you sometimes have the urge to spontaneously put together things with the same theme, just because you wonder how it’ll look (or because you’re genuinely nostalgic)? Do you have a special friend like we do?

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