A small bouquet of paper

It’s no secret that the duck loves gardens and flowers. I like them, too. But I don’t like receiving flowers most of the time. If it’s a single flower or two I appreciate the gesture, but once we’re talking a big bouquet from a flower shop I often find myself wishing that all that money had been invested differently. Also, the duck and I aren’t that great with plants, anyway. When our lovely friend J got us a flower origami set for Christmas, however, the duck and I realized that not all flowers have to be short-lived and we decided to craft ourselves a few flowers that we would not have to care for and might even be able to give away without feeling as if we’d wasted money. flower origami duckAfter checking the little book of instructions that came with a bright and beautiful stack of origami paper, the duck and I were optimistic that we’d be able to fold at least one or two successful flowers. So, we went shopping, bought some extra supplies and got ready to craft:

Paper into flowers

Before we’d begin our attempts at folding flowers, trying to embellish our relatively monotonous origami history (have I ever mentioned just how bad the both of us are at understanding origami instructions?) the duck and I collected all the things we’d need for a paper tulip, a paper rose, paper fritillaria, a paper lily and a paper forget-me-not.
flower origami 1We put on a movie (and remembered how creepy Disney’s Pinocchio really is) and began folding petals, stems and leaves in the brightest and most cheerful colors we could find (life definitely needs lots of colors these days!). We twirled and glued and washed our hands several times to prevent our fingers and feathers from sticking together (where they’re not supposed to).
flower origami 2Once we had all the parts crafted, it was time to get some more glue and finally turn these separate pieces into individual flowers that we could arrange in an old tomato sauce jar.
flower origami 3Even though this took us much longer than it should have, the duck and I are super proud of ourselves for not giving up and for having saved our finger-feathers from being glued together infinitely and ourselves from ever having to water these colorful splashes of happiness.
I’m not sure if this counts as another bedroom beautification broject since we did not really fold these flowers to beautify our own bedroom. But they did stand in our bedroom for a short while, sooo…

Do you like receiving flowers? How much more advanced than ours are your origami skills? Please do share if you like!

Stay bright and cheerful, dear readers!

4 thoughts on “A small bouquet of paper

  1. Those look absolutely lovely!

    I’ve dabbled in origami, wrote a few posts on it, but I got stuck on darn sailboats, of all things. I think I need to buy larger sheets of paper, because the teeny square ones I have now are not suited to folding delicate sails. Well, at least not for my clumsy fingers. I’ve torn more bows, sterns, and sails than I care to admit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sailboats do sound difficult (too difficult for the duck and me, for sure)!
      I look forward to reading about (and seeing) your perfectly folded slightly bigger sailboats! Unfortunately, I tend to give up right away if I fail at folding a certain origami. Therefore, I only see big swarms of crooked paper cranes in the duck and my future.

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