Winter walks

After having spent a bit too much time inside in the past few months the duck and I decided that it was time we explore the outside world a bit more (while still keeping our distance from other people and ducks). Usually, something warm to wear (at least wearing masks to keep warm is acceptable now) and a podcast is everything we need for a successful winter stroll. Sometimes we take our camera friend with us so that we can document what we come across. Here are a few examples:sunny winter walkfrosty winter walksnowy winter walkevening winter walk

The duck and I miss the sun in winter so much that, sometimes, when we see a blue sky, we forget about our laziness and rush outside. Frost, snow, and sunsets tend to occasionally have the same effect on us. Most of the time, however, our laziness prevails and the only trip we make is to the electric kettle for another cup of tea.
Do you like to go on (winter) walks? Have you ever been so lazy that you actually felt that you needed a walk before you could continue your lazy endeavors?

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