Late winter sunsets

When the duck and I started ‘to explore the outside world some more‘ despite our inherent laziness, it was the beginning of winter. Now that spring has officially begun, we want to post a few farewell shots to this particularly weird winter. In the past few months, we have fallen even more in love with the golden light that makes everything look pretty and hopeful in the hour before the sun sets. So, that’s what we tried to capture:late winter walks 6late winter walks 2late winter walks 4late winter walks 5late winter walks 7Despite the (visual) warmth of the light, my hands were frozen when the duck and I got back from our little photo walk. Hopefully, spring will be a bit less deceiving (and show a few more flowers and blossoms than what we could find this time). Going by how the evil pollen has started pestering me about a month ago, even though everything still looks super wintry, I’m not too optimistic, though.
Now back to sleeping through most of this cheeky season, thanks to those lovely allergy tablets.

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