Snacks: Pistachio Schogetten

Maybe it’s time to start calling the duck and my super subjective snack reviews “chocolate reviews” instead because we yet again present you with a chocolaty treat we discovered. After falling in love with Peanut butter Schogetten last year, we were excited when we spotted some new interesting-looking flavors that are part of a line called Schogetten Selection Gold that recently hit the grocery store shelves. Out of the five varieties adorned with fancy golden lettering: hazelnut and cacao waffle in milk chocolate, hazelnut and cacao in semisweet chocolate, salt caramel crisp in milk chocolate, coconut almond in white chocolate, and pistachio in white chocolate, the duck and I knew right away that we wanted to try the pistachio one. Here’s what we thought of it:

Fancy pistachios

When the duck and I looked at the packaging more closely for the first time, we noticed that these Schogetten actually sport two types of chocolate: there’s a small layer of milk chocolate at the bottom that is topped with a pistachio cream filling covered with white chocolate sporting finely chopped pistachios. The duck and I feel like we don’t eat enough pistachios for how much we like them, so these pretty chocolate cubes looked like a perfect way to include more of them in our diet.
The first two cubes that we tried tasted mainly sweet to us, so our candy craving was conveniently satisfied for the day. When we tried some more the next day, we could discern more of the different tastes that make up an individual cube; after we got over the sweetness from the white chocolate we did notice the distinct flavor of the chopped pistachios which also add a slight crunch. We like that the pistachio cream is just slightly softer than the chocolate shell, though it could be less sweet and milky for our tastes. We were a bit worried about the milk chocolate at first, but it goes well with the other components – because it’s also sweet. If you put all the parts together, the overall sweetness is a bit overpowering, which might be why the duck and I needed several attempts to actually taste the difference between this and regular white chocolate.
Even though this variety of Schogetten is a bit heavy on the milky components and overall sweetness, we can totally imagine us munching on a chilled cube or two for a refreshing little summer treat. Even at room temperature, we prefer the taste of this to regular white chocolate. 3/5 Ducks. pistacho choc ratingThey’re not our beloved PB Schogetten, but we knew that beforehand, just by looking at the picture on the box- that we might actually replace with another one or two soon.
If you like white chocolate and don’t mind particularly sweet snacks, we do recommend picking up a box if you see one.
That shall be all from us for today. We hope you’ll have a sweet weekend (or week, depending on when you’re reading this) – we definitely will!

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