Goodbye spring

Spring is officially over, and the duck and I miss it already. It’s true that we don’t have to fight the evil pollen anymore and that we’re a lot more awake (well, strictly speaking, that would be the result of no longer having to rely on allergy tablets). But it’s also true that we’ll miss seeing nature wake up and going on weird photo walks during the golden hour. Now it’s time to graduate from sakura-flavored drinks to something more summery and focus on fighting spiders full-time. But first, a proper farewell is in order: Goodbye springYes, the duck and I did indeed spend hours on creating this cheesy goodbye-to-spring image to show our appreciation for the season (that we always remember more fondly when we don’t have to drop allergy pills anymore and have slightly less trouble getting up in the morning). We did so using one of the photos we didn’t include in our spring walk post and some inspiration we got from watching the opening of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries one too many times.
I’m still unsure which side of the line between ‘corny but funny’ and ‘corny and an insult to my eyes’ this lands on; I waver every time I look at it. The duck, being one of the subjects of this digital collage(?), is too biased to give me a reliable assessment. Oh well…

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