Snacks: Rosemary chips

When the duck and I saw that Naturals chips were on sale at the local grocery store the other day, we decided that that was the perfect opportunity to finally compose a non-chocolate subjective snack review! Lorenz advertises the use of natural ingredients in their Naturals chips and that the peel is left on the potatoes as they are sliced and roasted in sunflower oil. The duck and I had seen them before, but I don’t remember ever trying any of the varieties. When we spotted the one called “Rosemary,” we couldn’t resist.
The duck and I fell in love with rosemary a few years ago. We worked at a pretend Italian cafe that offered a pizza made with a pizza dough base topped with olive oil and fresh rosemary. Whenever we smelled this rosemary bread baking in the oven, the duck and I felt intense food envy (that, fortunately, we were strong enough to never act upon). This is why we didn’t look twice when we grabbed a bag of these nicely priced natural chips and carefully placed it in our shopping basket, super excited for a beautiful rosemary-scented and -flavored snack. Here’s how that turned out:

Rosemary? Maybe…

Let’s start by explaining where the duck and I are coming from: We don’t buy potato chips often. But when we do, we usually go with the plain salted kind with a beautiful short ingredient list of potatoes, oil, and salt. We’re basic like that. We like salt and vinegar chips, as well. But they’re something we need to be in the mood for; otherwise, they’re overkill. Thus, when we picked up the rosemary chips, we expected them to taste like plain salted potato chips with a generous portion of rosemary. When we first opened the bag, however, the smell did not give us what we expected. Instead, we inhaled a sweet, somewhat sour, and generally herbal scent. duck smells chipsWe remembered that scene in Little Monsters with the – spoiler alert! – potato chips that contained milk, something that we, regularly eating those plain three-ingredients chips, had forgotten existed. Why would you put milk in any flavor of chips other than cheese or ranch?! When we perused the list of ingredients for the first time everything fell into place; not only do these chips contain sweet whey powder and sugar, but they also sport a few additional herbs and flavorings alongside the rosemary: namely onion, garlic, thyme, and parsley. We did like that we could see the peel at the edge of some individual chips. However, that seemed to be the only natural part about them (though I’m sure, the ingredients are natural or whatever). Let’s finally get to the taste that, when we tried our first chip, was a tad too sweet for us basic beaksters. We also had trouble discerning a distinct rosemary flavor among all those additional ones. However, once we got over the initial shock and forgot that the chips were advertised as tasting like rosemary, we didn’t mind them. We do like that they have an herbal taste with a hint of rosemary and are a bit thicker and possibly not as oily as the chips that we usually eat. Even though we think that the combination of flavors is a bit “heavy,” it didn’t take the duck and me too long to get used to the slightly sweet and somewhat sour taste so that we could actually enjoy the remaining chips. They’re not at all what we had expected, but if we distance ourselves from our expectations and simply go by the taste, we’d rate these chips 3/5 ducks nonetheless. Rosemary chips ratingWe’re sure that those among you who do not rely so heavily on plain salted potato chips for their casual savory snackstertainment, and thus are used to various flavors of potato chips, might actually enjoy this variety! 

Have you ever been surprised by the taste of food that you expected to taste different going by the packaging? What’s your favorite chips flavor?

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