New year, (not so) new resolutions

It’s the time of year again that sees the inception of countless romantic fantasies; while some might imagine themselves becoming the healthiest and most productive they have ever been (looking back on all those indulgences that started sometime in February in joyful anticipation of the holiday season), the duck and I prefer to be a bit less ambitious.2022 resolution duckAfter our uncannily prescient 2020 resolutions turned out to be a great success, we decided to (yet again) build our 2022 resolutions on the ones we shared on here two years ago:

In 2022…

  1. We will not pay for a gym membership. Because our gym is the outdoors/our bedroom. It pains me to admit it, but the duck and I did not stay true to our physically lazy selves this past year when we decided to try running very slow jogging. For the occasional non-jogging exercise, we use our bedroom because it’s convenient, included in our rent, and nobody can laugh at our terrible form (though the zombies may laugh all they want if that will help us outrun them).
  2. We will try to be stingy and happy! An abiding absence of affluence has made it physically impossible for the duck and me to not think economically (even books we never buy full-price – oh, those Christmas discounts will be the end of our money and space). This year we want to practice being okay with not buying the cheaper alternative whenever more expensive means exponentially more happiness.
  3. We will keep up our reading habit. After 2020 had ended with more unread books in our bookcase than it had started with, the duck and I tried hard to get down to zero last year. Had we not splurged (for our cheap standards) this past summer (and spring and fall) we would probably be very close by now. Fortunately, we predominantly bought books from our partly friend-recommended to-read list. So, even though it will be a pain to move with them, the duck and I love the idea of having adventures to be had on our shelves.
  4. We will strive to perfect our laziness. The duck and I can only fully enjoy our inherent laziness when we feel like we have accomplished something. Therefore, we want to try being more efficient with things we (feel we) have to do and reevaluate some of our more time-consuming habits so that our hours of laziness can be more. And more rewarding. For the duck and my sanity and yours, I shall try my best to keep posts about our musings and (non-)adventures on the shorter side (not to be confused with making them more concise; we want our resolutions to remain attainable).

For now, the duck and I will try to implement this fourth resolution and end this post before it becomes even wordier by wishing you a happy and healthy beginning of 2022!

Do you have any resolutions for the new year?

3 thoughts on “New year, (not so) new resolutions

  1. Nope, Not Pam says:

    I’m so glad duck and you have such happy and fulfilling resolutions. I’m not doing any this year, but I am trying to read more independent authors. 😁

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