A duck in February

In the past few years, I have gotten used to the advantages of digital doodling. To change it up, I tried my hand at (cheap) watercolors last year. I was not too impressed with the outcome. A few days ago, the duck spotted a mystery pouch among my art supplies and reminded me that I was once obsessed with Copic Ciao markers. They are considered the ‘affordable’ version of the professional markers serious artists like to use. Still, the sheer amount of colors the duck discovered must have cost me half a fortune back when I was much younger (and apparently not yet super cheap). Delighted by my shock and excitement, the duck, possibly inspired by the ‘Duck in January’ photo from last December, demanded I practice drawing the most important artistic subject of them all: ducks! So, here is ‘duck in the cold – February edition’ (unfortunately, the scanner ate some of the lighter colors, so some of the subtler shadows got lost):A duck in February
I hadn’t touched my old Copic Markers in a very long time; using them again made me wonder why because they were so much fun to doodle with! I’ll definitely try to work with them more, now that I remember how much money I must have invested in them all those years ago. Who knows, maybe the duck will allow me to draw non-duck-related pictures someday…

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