Snacks: Coffee & cookie chocolate

Last fall, the duck and I discovered a Milka chocolate bar variety we had not seen before; it featured a mouthwatering saturated image of an apple pie! As I was about to place a bar in our shopping basket, the duck reminded me of past failures and suggested I take a good look at the packaging. Coffee chocolate duckAnd, lo and behold, there was some clearly declared caramel in the mix! I decided to do some research.
The apple pie chocolate is part of a limited edition run of Milka chocolate bars. There are two more varieties. The duck and I knew right away which one we wanted to try: Coffee and cookies – the stuff our dreams are made of! The one featuring caramel popcorn – a proper nightmare scenario for me – was a hard pass. Since we haven’t yet done a chocolate-related taste test this year, the duck and I saw this limited edition discovery as the perfect opportunity for another one of our super subjective chocolate reviews:

Our coffee date

This is the translated title of the chocolate bar the duck and I picked. For a proper reviewing session, we decided to also grab a cup of coffee and some chocolate chip cookies, you know, for comparison. Loving chocolate as much as we do, we knew we would not be able to be overly critical (otherwise). Again, I want to reiterate that the duck and I have very specific tastes, especially in the cocoa content and flavor combinations of chocolate.Coffee chocolate and coffee
What it is
The wrapper says this promising-looking chocolate bar consists of milk chocolate with 35% coffee-flavored cream and 12% chocolate chip cookie pieces. We like Milka‘s milk chocolate, but not as much as Cadbury‘s. So, there will be no bonus points awarded for the chocolate alone.

What our taste buds have to say
At first, the duck was amazed by the intense scent emanating from the broken-off chocolate pieces. It reminded us of instant cappuccino. You know, the type of instant coffee with milk powder and sweetener/flavorings already mixed in. When we took our first bite, we were overcome by an abundance of vivid instant cappuccino memories (well, knowing how tasting works, this only makes sense). A few bites later, we discerned the chocolate chip cookie pieces, partly by taste but mainly by their crumbly texture that nicely broke up the coffee-flavored cream. We like the consistency and the combination of flavors paired with the Milka milk chocolate. The chocolate bar is decidedly too sweet for our liking, but apart from that, we think it presents a rather well-rounded sweet snack. We only wish it were a bit less messy to eat (though the crumbly texture could have resulted from us storing this chocolate in our heated bedroom for way too long before actually trying it. Maybe we should get another bar, just to be sure).* If we were fans of the cappuccino mixes this chocolate reminds us of and appreciative of very sweet chocolate, the duck and I would have awarded a perfect rating. We’re not, really. So, 3/5 singularly subjective ducks will have to do.Rating Our Coffee DateConclusion
The duck and I do love the idea and general execution of this chocolate (if the extreme crumbliness is, in fact, due to our non-existent storage tactics). If you’re craving an afternoon cup of instant cappuccino and a chocolate chip cookie but are too lazy/busy/unprepared/far away from home to prepare them yourself, this chocolate is perfect. The duck and I can imagine this tasting extra nice in summer, fresh out of the fridge, or shared with a friend out and about (in a box, with a napkin, to combat the crumbliness) for a coffee break in a bite, or many. Hey, if you go for a winter walk in the cold, you wouldn’t even need to refrigerate the chocolate – maybe, the duck and I should try that!

What’s your take on instant coffee mixes? Would you buy this chocolate bar if you saw it during one of your grocery trips?

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