Our not so photographic spring

Earlier this spring, I wrote about how I was going on slow recovery walks to catch up on all the fresh air I had missed out on in self-isolation. After a week of solo walks, the duck was excited to tag along and even insisted I bring our camera friend for our “obligatory spring photo post” of 2022. So, I did. And, since it’s technically still spring, I decided to finally share the three photos I consider the least terrible:

See, while last year was about doing accidental outside yoga attempting to catch the perfect angle for our photographic petal pageant, this year all my energy went into trying to recover from Covid as efficiently as possible. As a result, these walks were more point-and-shoot, paired with a general shock that spring had really given its best to completely change the part of the world I couldn’t see through my bedroom window while self-isolating. I’m so happy that the mask I would slip on whenever I encountered passers-by nicely hid my dumbfounded face. Not from the duck, though, whose constant giggle was the soundtrack to this year’s obligatory spring photo walks.

We hope you’ve also had a few pleasant walks these past months, with or without photographic evidence 😛

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