Trying to meditate…

The duck agrees that Covid seems to have massively messed with my focus, especially in the early weeks of recovering from my otherwise mild infection. When I was once again struggling to focus on a simple task, I remembered that our lovely friend J had recommended a meditation app that was currently offering a free one-year membership. I had considered meditation for years but always concluded that my current surroundings were too noisy. Now I was desperate to get back to my past (and likely imaginary) super-focused self. So, I decided that noise would no longer keep me from what I expected to be the solution to my copious concentration complications (besides, if I can read with headphones, why shouldn’t I be able to meditate with them?).

To visually accompany this post, the duck insisted on recreating one of our favorite anticipated meditation poses (that will likely exclusively exist in my imagination). I wish I could be as zen as the duck looks here:

… and failing

To be honest, I secretly expected to become a pro at meditating in record time as I had always been generally capable of focusing on things I wanted to do (of course, only after some quality procrastinating). I was also more than two years into doing regular simple at-home (pretend-) yoga (in addition to the occasional accidental camera-promoted outdoor version). Focusing on my breath and posture, especially when I had just started, had been surprisingly easy. Meditation turned out to be a decidedly different experience. My first few guided meditation sessions were easy enough to get into. But the harder I tried to make a routine of it, the more I found my mind wandering whenever I was attempting to meditate (likely because you should not see meditation as a task). I’ve been using the Balance app for a few weeks now and am seeing some progress. I should, however, not have climbed onto a horse so high that it easily towers above the bamboo grove canopy I so clearly imagine myself meditating in. I have broken more than one metaphorical bone being inevitably thrown off. Thankfully, the duck played my samurai in shining armor and immediately waddled to the closest pharmacy to procure a year’s supply of bandaging material!

Despite the rough beginnings, I hope to continue my mediocre meditation efforts and think that Balance is a good fit for me for now. Fortunately, I have the rest of the year to decide whether I want to pay for the membership or revert to the unpaid version that offers a small selection of free guided meditations. Only time, treasure, and the tally of (failed) meditation sessions will tell 🙂
“What about the duck?” you may ask. Luckily, meditation seems to come naturally to my steadfast slothfulness (sometimes samurai) sidekick (who am I trying to fool here? Clearly, I’m the sidekick in our party of two).

Have you ever tried meditating? Do you have any tips for better focus?

3 thoughts on “Trying to meditate…

  1. Nope, Not Pam says:

    I have tried self hypnosis and found that helpful. I slept a whole lot better too, but not meditation. I think I’d be too distracted. I hope duck has some ice cream to see him through these attempts though

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