Snacks: Cake in Schogetten shape

This summer is hot. Whenever the duck and I think about chocolate in summer, we usually imagine it chilled and devoid of cocoa solids (like the mango and passion fruit-flavored white chocolate Ritter Sport variety we reviewed two summers ago). Lemon Cupcake chocolateSo, when we saw the new line of limited edition Schogetten, called Caketime, it was easy to choose which one to review. Strawberry Cheesecake sounded delicious, but milk chocolate with a strawberry and cream cheese filling was too similar to the Konnichiwa chocolate we reviewed recently. The duck and I liked the idea of Mocha Tart until we realized that the mocha and cocoa cookie filling was enveloped by (not) dark (enough) chocolate, which would likely disappoint our subjective taste buds. Lemon Cupcake, the variety we chose to go with, sports a lemon-flavored skimmed milk yogurt filling with shortbread chunks covered in white chocolate with a thin milk chocolate bottom (like the pistachio Schogetten we tried last year). In hopes that we had found our new favorite snack, the duck and I paid full price for our chosen chocolaty confection and prepared for another successful subjective summer sweet survey:

If only I could meditate…

Who we are
I’ve mentioned that the duck and I have particular chocolate tastes and that white chocolate isn’t our favorite. In summer, however, it’s as if we’re different(ly specific) people. Please bear in mind that there’s no reason, other than inexplicable personal preference, behind our subjective snack reviews.

What we smelled
When the duck and I opened the chosen Schogetten box, we immediately noticed the scent. The white chocolate cubes smell lemony and buttery, almost like a lemon cupcake. There was something else strangely familiar about the aroma. At first, we thought it reminded us of lemon buttercream. Then, I realized that this chocolate smells like the lemon kind of those thin and crispy cream-filled wafers that are popular in Germany (something like that). Unfortunately, the duck and I only tolerate a few varieties. Lemon is not among them.

What we tasted at first
We roughly know how flavor works. Associating the chocolate’s scent with a snack we’re not overly fond of would inevitably affect it. When we tasted our first room-temperature Schogette, the duck and I tried hard to conjure the mental image of a lemon cupcake. I am bad at meditating. So, of course, all I tasted was a lemon wafer pretending to be chocolate. Even the tiny cookie pieces that add a pleasant crunchy change in texture reminded me of wafers!

What we tasted a few weeks later
The duck and I weren’t willing to give up so easily. So, we put the remaining Schogetten in the fridge and forgot about them. We hoped to lighten the lemon wafer association if we tried them chilled and when we were richer in life experiences. Indeed, a few weeks later, I could briefly taste the chocolate as what it is: a chilled piece of white chocolate (I didn’t taste the milk chocolate) with a refreshing and slightly crunchy lemon-flavored filling and an aftertaste that is too milky for the duck and my liking. The duck claims to have tasted this all along.

Our final thoughts
Despite the semi-successful mental disassociation efforts, this might be the most subjective taste test the duck and I have done so far. I’m almost positive that my appreciation would have been different if I hadn’t connected this chocolate with a snack I’m not keen on. At the end of the day, the duck and I have to stay true to our subjective tastes. So, we’ll rate this a super subjective 2.5/5 ducks (the second tasting wasn’t enough for a visual 3/5). We might have awarded 3+/5 ducks if I had been able to permanently ditch the lemon wafer image. But for that to happen, I would have needed to be decidedly better at meditating.

Do you have a favorite summer chocolate flavor? Or any equally annoying food associations you can’t seem to shake off? I think it’s time the duck and I go back to the summer snack that never disappoints: ice cream!

5 thoughts on “Snacks: Cake in Schogetten shape

  1. My son gave me a food association I can’t shake, he told me that packaged eggnog tasted like (redacted), now that’s all we can taste when we try. This spurred a foray into homemade eggnog which is delicious and does not taste at all like (redacted.) Will not share redacted information to not spoil anyone else’s experience. ๐Ÿ™‚

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