♫Our first bento box? #nosushithistime #bonusmisosoup #foodfunwithfriends #Edinburghadventures #TBT

Several years ago, before we set off on our Japan adventure, the duck and I shared this delicious bento box (possibly our first one). We were spending a most memorable weekend with our favorite Edinburgh pals, J and Al, had just watched one of our absolute favorite movies for the first time the previous night, and were now in the middle of a city exploration session. When we decided to take a lunch break at Tang’s (Hataka-ya), the duck and I were excited to try the bento box we had ordered: vegetable tempura, Edamame, seaweed salad, and rice, served with miso soup. I vaguely recall liking the food and vividly remember excessively enjoying sitting at this little Old Town restaurant nearby Greyfriars Bobby,* eating a meal I had passed up on in my profoundly parsimonious past, with friends who never judged me too harshly in those dark days of overly finite funds. The duck was happy to have found new buddies to pepper with questions about my obscure past (ha! I wish I were that mysterious) over a lovely lunch. Easily 5/5 deep fried vegetables for the food and the great company that welcomed the duck with open arms and, fortunately, held on to my darkest, deepest secrets! · ✧ · ✧ ·

Well, this took a turn. One that I’m not sorry for! While the duck spent this summer’s heat waves peacefully floating among a crowd of cold companions in the bathtub, I nostalgically floated in an ocean of (delicious) memories. I hope the duck and I can revisit Edinburgh some time.

*Unfortunately, that location has since closed down.

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