Snacks: Milka Weiße Luflée

It’s time for another subjective snack chocolate review! After our personal (not officially a) summer variety disappointment, the duck and I decided to go with a safer bet this time: Milka‘s “Weiße Luflée” variety. When we saw the design on the wrapper, we knew this chocolate was destined to become our end-of-summer snack review.Luflee duck Even though only one of us enjoys swimming, we both like the idea of little sailboats swaying in a rose-colored ocean toward a golden sunset (we hardly witness a sunrise, so this color scheme signifies dusk in our books). Not to mention the cool breeze that inadvertently comes with being near the ocean (and our evening at the beach memories). Add a flock of seagulls, and the duck and I are off into another imaginary adventure! Personally, I’m wary of holey chocolate, but that didn’t prevent the duck from energetically throwing a bar of “Weiße Luflée” into our shopping basket. We had a general idea of what we would be getting into, anyway:

Sometimes, we like our surprises on the small side.

Essentially, this is a Milka alpine milk chocolate bar with an aerated white chocolate filling and a pretty wrapper. So, the duck and I mostly knew what to expect. We prefer some other brands’ milk chocolate, like Cadbury‘s, over Milka‘s alpine chocolate. But we love the Milka “Happy Cows” variety that consists of alpine milk chocolate with a few spots of white chocolate scattered throughout, resembling the color markings of a cow. My first experience with Nestle‘s aerated Aero chocolate was a bit disconcerting as my brain couldn’t make sense of the texture. So, I was curious how I would react to the filling. Ultimately, the design of the packaging (when has that ever gone wrong?) and our appreciation of the flavor combination was enough to get us excited about

trying the chocolate.
When we realized that this chocolate bar is broken up into variably-sized bubbles instead of uniform rectangles, the duck and I got extra excited to try it. The flavor combination is similar to our beloved cow pattern chocolate, but the ratio isn’t. We prefer our chocolate bars to have more milk- than white chocolate, which makes this variety a tad too sweet for the duck and my liking. It also leaves a slight aftertaste that somewhat reminds us dairy skeptics of milk. Surprisingly, the duck and I did like the texture of the aerated chocolate filling. It’s light and fluffy, especially at room temperature. In combination, the flavor and texture of this chocolate made this an intriguing snack experience. Apart from its fun shape, this chocolate bar probably is what you’d expect if you’ve ever tried aerated chocolate (fillings) and a mélange of white- and milk chocolate. For the duck and me, this is a 3/5 duck chocolate experience: No terribly unpleasant surprises, fond (“Happy Cows”) flavor memories, pretty packaging, and playful shapes with a bit too much white chocolate for our preferences and an aftertaste we personally don’t care for.

Overall, I’m glad the duck and I reviewed this chocolate because it made me realize that I might have overcome my holey-chocolate-wariness at least a bit (if it’s in the shape of a fluffy white chocolate filling, that is). This means more chocolate in the world for me to enjoy! 😀 This was the duck’s first time trying aerated chocolate. Fortunately, the resemblance to extra-fluffy ice cream made it love at first taste.

Have you ever bought a snack, just because of a pretty image on the packaging?
(Coincidentally, that relates to how I befriended the duck. Little did I know that such a cheeky character came with the handsome exterior. Well, I suppose I should have been able to tell by the duck’s sneaky facial expression.)

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