We’re in the zone

Zone B, to be exact. And that’s exactly what the duck and I want to write about today. Do you remember how we briefly mentioned the zone thing waaaay back when we still were the kind of people/ducks/youknowwhatimean who got lost on their way to Ikea? Well, we are proud to announce that we have graduated to getting lost trying to get from the suburban train platform to the regional train platform at the very. Same. Station. Go us! But that is not the kind of being lost that this post is about. Instead, we want to focus on how you sometimes feel lost when you first try to make sense of the public transit system in a new city (at least the duck and I do. Every time).
In the last few months (during a time that brought you such gems as “yeah, let’s write about salad, that’s, like, totally interesting – newsworthy, even!“) the duck and I could add quite a few trips to Brandenburg to the definitely real book of all our train journeys (for those who are not familiar with German geography: Berlin is one of three city-states out of the 16 German federal states and as such it is located right in the middle of Brandenburg, one of the 13 area states). Since the duck and I aren’t very keen on accidentally dodging the fare, we had to do some research before we moved here, so that now we can pretend to be experts on zones and fares and all that stuff!

zone duck

Look, here’s a picture of the duck studying the zone map, totally understanding what it means!
If you are not as good as the duck is at confidently posing for photos even though you are actually not sure what exactly you are looking at, do read on for an attempt at at least some kind of an explanation of the zone thing:

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