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Last spring, the duck and I spent some time in Saxony. We had made dinner plans with a pal and remembered that our local friend had mentioned an American-style diner she likes. When we entered 50’s ville Diner, we were greeted by country music and immediate burger cravings. It didn’t take us long to pick the sweet potato burger to go with our accidentally large lemonade. While we have no trouble snacking all day long, the duck and I can barely eat a whole burger and the fries that go with it. But, since we’re no fans of next-day fries, we followed our completionist hearts and nearly finished our plate. Despite the subsequent stomach ache, the duck and I fondly remember our dinner with our pal in true German-American fashion. 5/5 burger buns for the food, ambiance, company… and our impressive accomplishment (or that of our stomachs, really)! ☆★☆★☆

We rarely eat junk food that doesn’t come in boxes with neatly listed ingredients (the love is true. But also, our stomachs are funny). Because our diet is relatively healthy (minus the snacks that make up 20-80% of it), we don’t even consider sharing a burger twice a year “junk food.” In fact, the duck suggested using the term “hunk food” instead. Apparently, that’s the shape of the duck’s soul or something?


☆ Falafel Burger ☆ #burgerbeauty #waytoendabusyday #agluttonsdelight #mykindahealthyfood #TBT

Falafel Burger

Do you remember the duck and my quote from way back in December? Well, turns out that, in a way, we actually did come back. This time, about ten weeks ago, after a loooong day of work, we decided to try out Ain Soph.ripple, a vegan burger place in Shinjuku, with wonderful company. And, what can I say, it had been way too long since the duck and I feasted on a burger, and even longer since our taste buds got to bathe in falafel with hummus, tomato, lettuce and sour cream; consequently we combined that – and a cup of tasty corn soup – to eat so much that we later had trouble making it to our train without rolling down the stairs we had just spent way too much time and, admittedly, energy climbing.
The falafel burger was glorious and, as our friends have assured us, the ripple cheese burger is just as great. I can’t wait to go back to this magical burger land! 5/5 super stuffed Ducks! ☆★☆★☆

That’s it for our burger-venture! Of course, a burger is not really super healthy, but the ‘vegan’ aspect helped us ignore that. Yay! Yet another healthy day in Tokyo!