Ramblings on 200

If my counting is correct, this is the 200th entry on this blog that started as somewhat of a travel/discovery diary in which the duck and I made sense of the fun, tasty, mysterious, exciting, weird, educational, and sometimes simply confusing things we came across in Tokyo. I’m not quite sure how I would describe the duck and my blog now, since it’s less discoveries and more just things that pop into my head (or are whispered in my ear in the middle of the night), like how it’s absolutely necessary to build a cat shrine, try my hand at using cheap watercolors to recreate a mental image of cookies dancing in space on a rainbow-colored cloud, spend weeks trying to animate that one story my friend A helped me come up with to try to improve my Japanese or inform the public of my favorite mail person‘s awesomeness. It’s nice to come up with things to ramble on about and to share some of my favorite friend recommendations and snack experiences. But I also miss being able to discover more of my surroundings the way the duck and I did back in Japanduckcake. Writing about things we saw and thought seemed much easier and more fun then.
For now, this blog is a great way to remind me to be observant and at least somewhat creative, even though I feel our posts lack some of the wonder and excitement we felt when our world was a bit more “open.” Let’s hope that by the same time next year the duck and I will have more opportunities to discover and be peculiar (and maybe even a bit less lazy) together. Maybe, we’ll have more to look back on in our 300th blog entry, maybe there will never be one. Who knows? The duck and I sure don’t.
It seems like this has become somewhat of a personal diary entry rather than something that could be even vaguely interesting for anyone who is neither the duck nor me. But we needed that. Same as I did creating this doodle of our very own celebratory duck cupcake, nay, duckcake!