A small bouquet of paper

It’s no secret that the duck loves gardens and flowers. I like them, too. But I don’t like receiving flowers most of the time. If it’s a single flower or two I appreciate the gesture, but once we’re talking a big bouquet from a flower shop I often find myself wishing that all that money had been invested differently. Also, the duck and I aren’t that great with plants, anyway. When our lovely friend J got us a flower origami set for Christmas, however, the duck and I realized that not all flowers have to be short-lived and we decided to craft ourselves a few flowers that we would not have to care for and might even be able to give away without feeling as if we’d wasted money. flower origami duckAfter checking the little book of instructions that came with a bright and beautiful stack of origami paper, the duck and I were optimistic that we’d be able to fold at least one or two successful flowers. So, we went shopping, bought some extra supplies and got ready to craft: Continue reading

Corny Cat Corner

This year is crazy! And things are pretty weird for the duck and me on top of that these days. All this makes us miss having our very special friend around even more than usual. Well, we can still watch her through the window. But that’s not the same as having her lounge around in our bedroom, judging our every move, as she used to. So, the duck and I decided to build a little shrine so that we don’t even have to walk to the window anymore if we want to see a friendly feline face! Unlike the glorious image we had painted in our minds, it turned out very meager. But that’s okay. It still supports us in our quest for limitless laziness, so we’re happy!

Cats the picture
This might be our last bedroom beautification broject in a while which is why we decided to be extra specific in our instructions on how to beautifully display your own accumulation of cat stuff (of course you can go with any other theme you like, but, trust me, this works best if you have immense admiration for the subject of your ‘art’ project): Continue reading

A steady chocolate float ride…

This is the second time I repeat the terribly cheesy sentence that I used way back to describe my experience trying sakura flavored matcha KitKat for the first time. See, others would be ashamed of their corny attempts at fauxetry in describing the simple act of biting a chunk off a chocolate bar. Not us! The duck and I own up to all the weirdness we produce. In fact, we own up to it so much that we decided to adorn one of our leftover candle holders with exactly that: ‘a steady chocolate float ride through a peaceful matcha stream in the middle of (the week-long) cherry blossom season’, in a new installation of our bedroom beautification broject. spring candle duckThe duck couldn’t wait for our art project to start. And, to be honest, I couldn’t, either. Being stuck inside and not being able to observe the change of seasons the way we excitedly did in Japan, the duck and I are trying to do what we can to remind ourselves of what the outside world is like (literally! As you can see by the chosen candle holder decoration theme):

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Flight of the galaxy paper cranes

The duck and I are spending a lot of time inside these days. Despite our more recent attempts at blaming the season for our nonstop lounging in front of the heater to look out of the window instead of actually going outside, deep inside the duck and I know that the main reason for that is, and always will be, our laziness. Since we are spending pretty much all of our free time in our bedroom the duck and I felt that it was high time for another installment of our bedroom beautification broject series. This time we decided to take the fruit of our continuous (unsuccessful) attempts at improving our paper crane folding skills and turn it into something somewhat pretty. space crane duckThe duck loved cuddling with all those slightly unsymmetrical paper cranes, but after some discussion we agreed that the cranes would be much happier if they were allowed to fly. And what place would be nicer to do so than the doors of our wardrobe (well, I guess the sky, but it’s pretty rainy these days and paper and rain aren’t the best of friends, I think)? This is how our mini bedroom beautification broject turned out:

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Day 4: Turning mistakes into tea candle holders

Yesterday the duck and I wrote about how we were unpleasantly surprised when we found out that the Christmas tree scented candle that we had bought in hopes of having found the one Christmas candle that does not smell super sweet did indeed smell like a tiny tree on a mountain of gingerbread (well, I guess they might have advertised it as specifically Christmas tree scented, rather than, say, fir). Anyway, the duck and I took this mild disappointment and turned it into an exciting, somewhat Christmas themed, bedroom beautification broject! See, once the candle was gone and our room smelled like a cookie factory, we thought that we should definitely turn all our former candle containers into tea light holders, to give them another chance at not disappointing us!
Duck-82This vanilla scented candle (which is a Christmas scent as you can tell by the golden glitter on it) did not look as neat as it does in the picture for long. I wonder what the duck was thinking about, casually looming? Well, it might have had to do with our plans of turning this innocent candle into a not as elegant looking colorful duck-display (keep reading to find out how):

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100 memories

Soooo, this seems to be the duck and my 100th post (say what?!). First of all, we’d like to thank our approximately 5 unique readers (mom, thanks for the jam – it’s delicious)!
Looking back at the past few months of insane laziness, it’s kind of hard to believe that we actually wrote so much nonsense and even finished a video we never thought would see the light of day.
To properly celebrate this milestone, the duck and I thought that we should probably further decorate our bedroom so that it is truly worthy of the new royalty that resides in it – with a little photo wall that looks back on those past 2+ years (or, more precisely, the time we spent in Japan when we still managed to post on a fairly regular basis and took quite a few photos more than we do these days)! And, if you like, with our perfect step-by-step guide you can create your very own photo wall that celebrates the duck and my exploits!

Walldrobe Duck

To craft this thing that has truly never been done before, the duck and I didn’t need much:

  • four small hooks that we ordered online for exactly this purpose
  • wool that we found at the bottom of one of our drawers – of course that pretty dark grey would have been our first choice, anyway!
  • a few clothespins that have shrunk in the wash (paper clips are an acceptable alternative)
  • our beautiful photographs that you can get, too, by taking screenshots and removing the watermarks (just kidding, please don’t ever steal someone else’s art!)

Wow! It’s so easy! Let’s craft: Continue reading