Snacks: Chocolate eggs

The duck and I actually wanted to write about German Easter candy last year, but back then we were fully occupied with being secretly lazy. This year, when we were sitting in our bedroom craving chocolate, the duck and I decided that we should catch up on this missed opportunity, partly because we’re always looking for an excuse to “try” some chocolate, partly because one of the things that we miss most about living in Tokyo is having lots of seasonal snacks to try out. In Japan we loved seeing how the seasons changed and how we could always count on the local Konbini (or grocery store) to stock up on new snacks to accompany this fascinating change. Last December we wrote about Christmas cookies, Glühwein, and other Christmas treats, but we did not actually review any of them. That shall finally change today! With an inside Easter for two coming up (social distancing is cool, everyone! All the hip kids do it!) the duck decided that we should taste test the one seasonal food that we missed in Japan: our favorite Easter candy, the chocolate egg! Germany doesn’t have the Cadbury creme egg. In fact, I don’t even know what kind of Easter candy is typical for Germany. I do, however, know what all the grocery stores are selling around this time.
Easter choc duckBecause we are still trying to limit our beloved grocery shopping trips to as few as possible these days, the duck and I decided to go exclusively with what we’d find at Aldi.
They had quite a few varieties to choose from, but since the duck and I pride ourselves on being extra expenditure enemies I went with just the ones that jumped out to me (quite literally. The duck had dived into one of the Easter candy bins and was rummaging through its chocolaty contents like a raccoon in a trashcan after Thanksgiving. I caught three bags of chocolate candy that flew my way, grabbed the duck, and made my way to the cash register while keeping a solid 2-meter distance from my fellow shoppers). I’m quite happy with what we got, though one of the three varieties isn’t even egg-shaped. But it’s chocolate, so it counts. This time around the duck and I probably won’t be able to write such fauxetic phrases as ‘they tasted like a steady chocolate-float ride through a peaceful matcha stream in the middle of (the week-long) cherry blossom season, just without all the crowds of sakura-admirers and instead with some extra sugar sprinkled on top’. (Wow!)
Berlin doesn’t give us those kinds of vibes. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing. At all. Let’s get to the testing: Continue reading