Food, food, food, oh my gosh, food!

As much as the duck and I pride ourselves on being able to easily adapt to a new environment, there are a few things that we just don’t want to can’t do without. The duck needs those oats and I need that tea. And, after our first few shopping trips, we realized that the supermarkets within (a reasonable) walking distance from our home would not be able to cater to our intense tea and oatmeal cravings and our existence as stingy sustenance supporters. Remember the 350 yen mini pack of oats and 25 yen tea bags we found going grocery shopping? With our tea and oat consumption we’d end up broke and incredibly sad after a few weeks. So, in order to keep our cheap lifestyle more or less intact, we decided to give the Internet’s grocery section a try and ordered some personal happiness in a box off iHerb.

Duck in a box

Just look at how happy the duck was when the parcel finally arrived!
Not having much experience in ordering food online, we made ourselves a little list of things to look out for the next few times (it might not be of any use to you, but we’ll still put it on here – nobody can stop us, haha!): Continue reading