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On our fancy adventure around Ginza the duck and I got to try yet another nice place for a wonderful lunch with wonderful company. Here is our precise and elaborate report on this exquisite experience.

Fancay lunch
Two months ago the duck and I had a nice lunch with our wonderful Ginza-guide at Chaya where we ordered this pretty little seasonal macrobiotic deli plate with lots of colorful vegetables in salad-, mash-, soup- and smoothie form.
Everything tasted great, but the mashed beets and the smoothie were our favorites! After eating all this healthy food, we felt energetic and at least ten years younger. Because of that we cannot help but award yet another 5/5 Ducks rating for healthy heartfelt happiness ♪

We’ve also been to the Chaya Restaurant in Shinjuku, but, to be honest, that one is a bit too fancay (also in terms of price) for us, compared to the Ginza restaurant and cafe with this nice urban flair to it.



My friend always gets the giggles when I use the word ‘fancy’ (which, I have to admit, I do a lot) and repeats it as a nasal ‘fancay’. So, this is what this mini-entry is about: being fancy, or rather, sneaking into GINZA SIX where the duck and I will never be able to afford anything, apart from, maybe, a cheap book and a cup of Starbucks coffee on the sixth floor. Anyway, this post is not really about how chronically poor the duck and I are but about what we discovered when our lovely friend led us through the modern beauty of this upscale mall in order to delight us with the impressive view of Ginza from the roof terrace. On this mini-adventure, there were three things that stood out to us:


Pumpkin art

This beautiful art installation by Yayoi Kusama can be admired from the first few floors of GINZA SIX

When you’re taking the escalators it is impossible to miss this impressive installation. And, I have to admit, I did not know too much about the artist Yayoi Kusama at that time, but our friend, in the fashion of a true tour guide, told us more about her life, her art and where to admire it. There even is a museum with some of her artwork that opened in Tokyo fairly recently. It is rather popular so that the duck and I need to do some good old Japanese-style planning to get a pair of those highly sought-after tickets before we leave. Check out the Yayoi Kusama website, if you’d like to learn more about her and her art (especially if you’ve lived under a rock as, apparently, we have)! Continue reading