☆ Green curry ☆ #sodelicious #accidentallyhealthy #curryislife #vegan #TBT

Duck-38Now that the end of the year is nearing, it’s time to think about all the good food that the duck and I have eaten this year. This beauty of a meal was the first thing that came to mind!
When we meet friends for lunch our go-to food is curry – and this vegan version from Ain Soph. tasted heavenly! It’s been more than two months now that our taste buds could feast on this green goodness that seemed to have descended from the heavens straight onto our plate (I could have sworn that I faintly heard a choir of angels sing when I took the first bite – the duck heard it, too!). Anyway, because we love curry and this had a pleasant sourness to it and made us feel super healthy in an instant, we just have to give this 5/5 Ducks! (♥‿♥ ) ~♪

There is only one thing left to add (and I’ll be borrowing a little-known movie quote for this): I’ll be back!