Halloween night: A haiku

It’s Halloween! And, because the duck and I don’t really have any proper Halloween traditions and we’re way too lazy to come up with any new ones this year, we decided to make use of another tradition we have on here: fauxetry in the shape of mediocre haiku that look like inspirational quotes. Here’s one to mark the occasion:
Halloween haikuSince the duck and my Halloween will be virtual this year, same as our Walpurgis Night, the duck decided to don the Walpurgis duck costume and hide in the photo I used as the backdrop for our latest fauxetic endeavor. I can’t believe it’s already been three years since we saw the Louisville Jack O’Lantern Spectacular. Let’s hope it won’t be another three until our next Halloween-related outing!

Walpurgis duck and I want to wish you a spooky Halloween and a great week!


Gourds of Halloween Past

Two years ago the duck and I composed a totally original song about Tokyo Halloween and illustrated it with some shaky pictures we got off our phone. Last year around this time, after we had remembered to finally post the video diary of those two days in spring we had spent casually strolling around Akita, we were getting ready to build a cozy pillow fort to hibernate in. But, before that, we did participate in a nice season-appropriate activity and even have some not-phone-photos to prove it! Let’s go back 52-ish weeks:
The duck and I spent most of our time chilling (in the sense of idling, relaxing… though, I bet we were also cold, because we always are) on a comfy sofa in Louisville, Kentucky, watching lots of movies and TV shows, playing video games, and catching up with one of our favorite people. Feeling kind of guilty for not going out much, our friend suggested we check out the Louisville Jack O’Lantern Spectacular – and we did.
Even though our trusty camera’s battery died about half-way through the approximately 500m long track that was lined with carved pumpkins left and right and featured some of our favorite movie soundtracks, we did manage to snap a few nice pictures of our favorite designs. Because today is Halloween, here is a little gallery of the scarier themed ones we liked (and managed to take not-so-shaky photos of):

This year’s Jack O’Lantern Spectacular is still on until next Sunday, so, if you’re in the area (and for some weird reason were unaware of it), we recommend checking it out.
What are your favorite Halloween pastimes (regular or one-off)?

Have a spooky Halloween, wherever you are!

The d…raaaaaculaaaah


♬ This is Halloween ( ♪ Tokyo Halloween)

Tokyo folk of every age
Don’t think there is anything strange

In October everywhere you’ll see
Little signs of Halloween.

Soon is Halloween, spooky Halloween
Smiling pumpkins left and right

When there’s Halloween, lots of people make a scene
Street parties in Shibuya might give you a fright
In Tokyo, businesses are keen
To have a profitable Halloween

If you’re going to the dentist look around
Halloween signage can be found.

Getting off a train – what will you see there?
Halloween decorations everywhere!

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