Snacks: Taza Chocolate Mexicano Sampler

When I reported on the duck and my attempt to make homemade hot cocoa, I mentioned that our lovely friend R had gotten us chocolate for Christmas that we were excited to try. We finally did. And we liked it so much that we decided to write about it.
Stone ground chocolate duckLet’s start by saying that this is by far the fanciest chocolate that the duck and I have tasted. The Taza Chocolate Chocolate Mexicano Sampler comes with eight different varieties ranging from chili over salted almond to vanilla. Looking at the box, we knew that we would like this chocolate because the ‘basic’ variety is called ‘Cacao Puro’ and comes with a beautiful 70% of cocoa which, based on our very specific chocolate bias, is a perfect place to start! On top of that, the chocolate is organic, not as heavily processed as most other chocolate, and promises to be ethically sourced. I don’t think the duck and I have tried stone-ground chocolate before. When we read on the box that this apparently means a bolder flavor and an unusual texture we were curious. As soon as we found out that you could transform these chocolate discs into cups of hot chocolate, we were sold. Now the only thing that was left for us to do was to try it:

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