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Renkon chipsHave I mentioned that the duck and I love looking at photos of food? The answer is ‘yes‘. Yes, I have. During our most recent food appreciation session, the duck and I discovered this photo from about two and a half years ago when we were still living in Tokyo and would sometimes spontaneously grab dinner or snacks with a friend or two. Sometimes we’d end up at an izakaya after working late (or a particularly exciting Tokyo exploration session) and even though the duck and I stuck to water – always have – we had fun sharing a variety of exciting dishes with our friends. One of our absolute favorites were fried lotus root chips. We just love the look of lotus root in any kind of dish, but snacking on it, fried, is especially cool! The duck and I miss that special izakaya atmosphere.
Well, at least we don’t have to worry about smelling like a walking deep fryer on our way home these days. 3/5 renkon chips for the atmosphere and taste and company – deduction of points for the feeling of having turned into fried renkon chips ourselves afterwards. ✧ ・ ✧ ・ ✧

It’s funny how the smell of our clothes after having been to one is the thing that the duck and I remember most about our izakaya experiences. But I guess that’s what people say about good stories, right? They should involve all the senses. It seems that our memories work that way, too, though I only remember what I thought about the smell, not the smell itself… yet. Izakayas, just you wait until the duck and I visit you again! Ha!