About a pen

I’m still not sure why I decided to dedicate a whole blog post to pens, apart from the fact that I just received a box full of them and thought that that would be too weird a photo not to put on here. As you can see, the duck agreed!

Pen Duck

Let me give you a little backstory: I’ve always been specific about pens (as I suspect many people are); the duck and I usually carry at least two pens with us when we’re out and about in case we just need to write something down – immediately! In the past I had a few pens that I liked, but most of them were promotional ones that I couldn’t just replenish easily once I discovered that I wanted more. The situation is a bit different with my current favorite pens, though. They’re the regular round BIC kind that you can buy in multi-packs at pretty much any store that has a stationery section… in America. I used to use up black pens much faster than blue ones which is why I didn’t really think of stocking up on my blue pens the last time I had the chance. But things changed: The duck and I somehow got back into studying. And because I’m peculiar about pens I just need to write study notes, that the duck enjoys highlighting, in blue (black is my color for jotting down creative ideas). When I was down to my second to last blue pen (our beloved 100 yen shop highlighters are dying on us, too) I knew that I had to do something. I checked the Internet just to discover that it seemed to be impossible to find a 10-pack of the exact same blue medium point pens that I love to use. I found black or fine point, but that wasn’t what I wanted. So, I decided to order the next best thing: a box of 60, so that the duck and I could be lifelong learners! It took our pens several weeks to arrive from America, but once they did we were ridiculously happy. I was so happy, in fact, that I wrote a poem: Continue reading